Ten Minute Dramas

For the Stage

By Alejandro Canelos

Twenty-four plays. For reading or performing. In ten minutes or less.

Priceless socks, shuffling weirdos, French-cut green beans, a shoehorn of consequence, ants on the loose.
A dry cleaner named Vesuvius, two plumbers, Rodney singing Rigoletto, an armed mediator, onions making a scene.
Six ways to get bit by a rattlesnake, brown bag intruders, brothers in the dark, the death knell of a triangle.

With Ten-Minute Dramas, Alejandro Canelos gets right to the point.


About the Author

Alejandro Canelos

Alejandro Canelos was born in Nogales, Sonora and raised in Tucson. He earned a BA in Biology from Harvard in 1992. His second story collection, Hunters and Thieves (Neotenic), was published in early 2023. In his spare time, he plays drums professionally—freelance, all styles—and sings tenor II in two community choirs. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, cheering on the UA Wildcats, jazz, and spending time with his family.

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